Current Studies



(Platform Randomised trial of Interventions against COVID-19 In older people) It is open to all patients over 50 years old and is looking at the potential of existing medications as treatment for early COVID-19. If you start to develop any new COVID-19 symptoms, then please visit the study website.

Serology (Blood Sample)

You may be offered the opportunity to provide an extra sample at your pre scheduled blood test. This is sample is being used by Public Health England (PHE) to look at the background immunity of the population to COVID-19. You will not receive any results from this blood test.

Immune Defence Study

This study will examine the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of commonly available nasal sprays and a brief physical activity and stress management intervention in preventing and reducing the incidence and severity and duration of respiratory tract infections among patients who may be at risk of serious infection during the COVID pandemic.


PANORAMIC is a UK-wide clinical study sponsored by the University of Oxford and funded by the National Institute for Health Research to find out in which people new antiviral treatments for Covid-19 in the community reduce the need for hospital admission and get better sooner.

Other Studies


The aim of this study is to evaluate online support to patients and practitioners in the reduction of long term antidepressant medication for depression, together with some telephone support for patients.

Active Brains

This study compares a new website designed to help older adults look after their brain and body health with the aim of preventing cognitive decline. The website will help older adults make simple changes such as getting more active, playing brain training games and finding ways to eat more healthily.


The aim of this trial is to determine if screening for Atrial Fibrillation in people aged 70 and over leads to reduced incidence of stroke compared to usual care and what impact it has on other key outcomes.