Healthcare Team

Clinical Pharmacist


  • They are highly qualified experts in medicines and can help patients in a range of ways.
  • Carrying out structured medication reviews for patients with ongoing health problems.
  • Improving patient safety.
  • Advising patients who are on multiple medications.
  • They consult with and treat patients directly.

Dispensary Manager


Practice Dispensers

Jude, Liz, Lorraine, Sam, Tracey

  • The team will dispense medications to those patients that live more than one mile away from a retail pharmacy. For the most part, this covers patients in all outlying villages and some areas of Winchcombe.
  • The team will also print repeat prescriptions for patients to whom we do not dispense.
  • The dispensary does not accept incoming phone calls but they do have an answerphone where you can leave any medication queries and they will call you back.

Physician Associate (PA)


PA’s are medically trained, healthcare professionals, who work alongside doctors and other members of the practice team to provide a range of patient care.

  • Carrying out physical examinations
  • Seeing patients for on the day or scheduled appointments
  • Reviewing and act on laboratory results
  • Managing and treating patients of all ages and make referrals

Lead Practice Nurse


Practice Nurses

Frances, Lauren & Wendy

Health Care Assistants

Annita & Donna