Dispensing surgeries provide an invaluable service to a rural community. Particularly in our community where we have a high proportion of elderly patients, some who have no transport and some of whom are housebound.

The practice can dispense medication to patients who live more than a mile from a retail pharmacy, therefore we dispense to 40% of our practice population.

We invest the resources into our dispensary staff training as it is such an integral part of the service we offer. In addition to issuing your repeat and acute prescription requests, the dispensary staff are available to offer advice on a wide range of medication queries. They are also in an excellent position to monitor under and over use, or inappropriate use of medication. Thanks to their vigilance we have kept our prescribing budgets well within local and national guidelines.

Acute Prescriptions

The doctor may prescribe a medication item on an acute prescription, for a particular episode of illness. If we do not have these items in stock we can generally obtain them for you that afternoon or the following morning, as we get two drug deliveries per day. In exceptional circumstances we can send you to a retail pharmacy with a signed prescription from the doctor.

Repeat Prescriptions – Please allow 2 working days for collection of your repeat prescription item.  If you are ordering an item that does not appear on your list of repeat medications but you have had before then this will need to be checked by the Doctor and may take up to one week to be dispensed.

Free Prescription Delivery Service

We offer a free prescription delivery service to elderly or housebound patients who meet certain criteria. These patients are normally referred to the dispensary staff by the GPs or another Health Professional. Please contact the dispensary staff if you feel a patient would benefit from this service; and their GP can do an assessment.

Emergency Medication

If you run out of your regular medication and are in urgent need you can go to any pharmacy and request a small amount. The Pharmacist will ask for some relevant details and you may be required to pay. You can be issued with enough medication to tide you over until the surgery reopens and you are able to order in the usual manner.