GP data for planning and research (GPDPR) – Deadline or 22 August 2021 to opt out

You may have heard on the news about a new way in which general practice data is going to be shared in future. To help you understand what this please have a look at this YouTube video, made by a GP from Nottingham, which explains this in more detail.  

If you decide to opt out from GPDPR, this has NO effect on your records being available to anyone directly involved in your care – your summary care record will still be available to any clinicians looking after you as before, all referrals to hospital will be able to be processed as normal, and your prescriptions will still be able to be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

The GDPR opt out ONLY applies to data being used for research purposes and “other purposes” which we are not aware of at this point in time, which may change in future, and may include being traded for unspecified purposes by NHS digital. This data is NOT fully anonymised.

If you opt out now, you can always opt back in again at a later date. However, if you opt out at a later date then any information already uploaded in the initial “data grab” will remain in the GPDPR and will not be able to be removed.

Please note that to opt out, you can fill in the paper form and send it to us, or send us an email or econsult with the wording below:
“I would like to register a type 1 opt out. Please enter the code 9Nu0 / XaZ89 / 827241000000103 into my records.”

Please note that this information applies to EVERYONE, and so please pass it on to all your friends and family, particularly those who are not on social media. But please do not call your GP practice to ask for more information. The NHS Digital site with more details can be found at: