Global Shortage of Blood Bottles

The NHS is currently responding to a global shortage of blood bottles used to collect blood samples. We have been asked to implement measures as part of a national coordinated response. This will mean that routine monitoring will not be able to go ahead. If you are invited to an annual review this may take place without us taking bloods.

The latest information we have from NHS England is that the shortage is expected to last for “some time”. We are expecting this to mean at least a few months. We will keep you updated as we receive news.

Please be assured urgent bloods and high risk drug monitoring will continue.

We understand the impacts of this shortage may cause some anxiety and frustration. This is a global problem outside of our control which is going to affect the whole of the health service. Please do not take your frustration out on practice staff. We have a zero-tolerance policy to abuse.

For more information, please see Pulse Today.