Flu Vaccinations and Covid Boosters for Winter 2021

Update on Vaccination Clinics – 11th September Flu Clinic Cancelled

The medical centre has been told today that due to “unforeseen freight issues” our flu vaccination supplier is delaying delivery of our vaccines by 1-2 weeks. This means we have been forced to cancel the clinic on Saturday 11th September. We will be contacting all patients who are affected by this change. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Our staff were raring and ready to start this important vaccination campaign.

Future clinics may have to be cancelled or postponed so please keep an eye on the Facebook page and website. We will let you know as soon as we have been told when our vaccination delivery will be.

We are waiting for guidance from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation on who should receive covid-19 boosters and when we can start delivering them. For the time being all clinics will be for flu vaccination only.

All our patients who are eligible for flu and covid-19 vaccination will be invited for appointments as soon as we are able.

Thank you for your patience and thank for supporting your local surgery.

Flu Vaccinations and Covid Boosters for Winter 2021

We are awaiting final Government guidance about vaccinations for Flu and Covid-19 over winter. We are hoping that we will be able to vaccinate patients against Flu and provide Covid-19 boosters at a single appointment. It has been agreed we will able to vaccinate you at the surgery. We hope this will make things easier for you.

The clinics will run in a very similar way to the flu clinics we ran last year. A system many of our patients will be familiar with. We will be inviting patients in specific cohorts, similar to the Covid 19 vaccination programme. All eligible patients will be invited – we will not forget you!

We are waiting for final confirmation of Covid-19 booster vaccination details and delivery dates. We will begin inviting patients this week based on the information we have been given so far. The vaccination programme will start on 11th September 2021. There may be some adjustments to dates and the format of the clinics – we will keep you informed of any changes.

We know you are keen to support the surgery at all times and, especially during these challenging months. We have been amazed and humbled at how you have worked with us and supported us over the past eighteen months. This has enabled us continue to offer almost all our usual care safely – thank you.

Please continue to support us by having your Flu Vaccine and Covid Booster with us at the surgery. The funding we receive for administering vaccinations helps fund the core services we offer to help maintain your health and wellbeing.

This Text Message Invite video shows you what the text message invite will look like and how to book your appointment.

We are in the process of inviting patients who are over 70 and clinically extremely vulnerable risk groups. This is via text message or outbound phone calls to patients. If you are able to book via the link sent we would appreciate it, but if we do not get a response from you we will follow up with a phone call.

Public Health England have also published some helpful information on: