Be Empowered – Carers Awareness Sessions

Be Empowered is a series of awareness and information sessions to provide you, as a Carer the opportunity to refresh your skills and understanding to recognise your own strength and abilities.

The sessions will help you prepare for conversations, know where to ask for help and provide you with some of the tools to keep you well and supported in your caring role.

You can come along to as many events as you would like to.

Sessions will cover:

Know your rights as a Carer
Thursday 4th August at 11am
Monday 22nd August at 7pm

Communication with Services/Talking to the professionals
Planning conversations and how to make yourself heard (What is Effective Communication)
Thursday 11th August at 11am
26th October at 7pm

Looking after yourself as a Carer
Thursday 25th August at 11am
29th November at 7pm

Technology & Services available to support you as a Carer
Thursday 1st September at 11am
28th December at 7pm

Building Resilience – How to bounce back and keep on caring
Thursday 8th September at 11am

How to say no – setting your boundaries
Thursday 15th September at 11am

Dealing with Carer guilt & compassion fatigue
Thursday 22nd September at 11am and 7pm

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